Monday, January 22, 2007

January 22

Sorry no new pictures, we have been so busy I haven't even thought about taking any. We have had hundreds of visitors stopping by to see the new building since last Thursday and we have adopted most of our animals that moved over from the old building. It has been great. Everyone who has come over to see your new animal shelter, Thank You. You should be very proud of what we are doing for the displaced pets of the area, I know I am. The animals are settling down quicker, and the cats are really enjoying their sunny area.. They are Happy!

We received the missing panel for the last dog run today, so that should be up soon. The Snyder Company, they made our cat condos will be shipping the last two units this week. We will be receiving two 6 room units that can be rolled into the lobby to display more of our cats looking for homes. One of the biggest improvements is how our cats are house and displayed in our lobby. Everyone loves the design and enjoy watching the cats lay around on their benches.

Hopefully all the work that can be completed this winter will be finished in the next two weeks. Then after mud season we can concentrate on the landscaping and parking areas.

I hope to see you soon!


Blogger sink sink socks said...

Mon ami , are you acquaint vid dis part of de country--eh? Yes, I was born here, vous and know every inch of it...

12:26 PM  
Blogger pissed off calico cat owner said...

Its good to see you just let other people come in and adopt animals on a whim after someone has put in the adoption paperwork for an animal they dropped of, and have full intentions of readopting, weeks prior. Especially when you say you will call them when the animal is ready to come home and you never do only to have the owners return a week later and find out you screwed up. Get some competent workers and better organization with the adoption process so it doesn't happen again. Learning how to read also helps. P.S. If you are the one who adopted "Treasure", her rightful owner would like her back.

2:20 PM  

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