Tuesday, November 14, 2006

November 14

Well it looks like we will be in by the last week of December! Some of the highlights over the past week. They have completed installing the blocks for the dog runs and are now getting the walls ready for the epoxy in the dog areas. The Fiberglas doors have arrived from TX and they are now being installed. They needed to adjust the openings for the cat condos, that work should be completed by Thursday. The cabinets are being installed after the Fiberglas wall coverings(FRP) are glued to the walls. Most of the interior walls/doors are painted, no one can say they aren't cheerful colors :-) The pavers have been delivered and now we are just waiting for the imprinted ones to be delivered, they should be in the first week of December. The only painting to be completed outside is the lower trim, keep thinking temperatures over 40 and no rain!

Most of the planting has been done, Donna and I had help from two volunteers, thank you! I wonder if they will volunteer when we need to weed?

We are thinking about having our grand opening on New Years eve, so please keep the day open. Don't worry we won't be open late, the animals like to get to bed early!


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