Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October 31

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in giving you an update. Its amazing how the days just seem to disappear... Another 7 weeks and we should be in the new shelter, I can't tell you how great that feels... Most of the outside work is complete, the painters are finishing up on the trim and will be starting the inside painting soon. The back exercise yards are coming together, another week and they should be done. Landscapers have been busy, but the high winds and heavy rain haven't been kind to the plantings, but they will be OK. We will be out on Thursday to plant some perennials in the beds by the entrance and around the sign. Next summer things will really be looking good. The final coat on the public parking area has been paved, but the employee area won't get the final coat till spring; we don't want it damaged by all the large trucks coming and going. CMP has installed the power lines, so the temperately ones have been removed so the siding can be finished. Most of the duct work has been completed for the HVAC, in a week or so the ceiling can start to go up. The cabinet crew should be in soon to start installing some of the work stations. The mason will be in tomorrow to start the work for the dog runs, the kennels will be delivered the beginning of December, They are being manufactured by the Mason Company.

Enjoy the photos, and don't forget you can email anytime if you have questions.


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