Thursday, May 25, 2006

May 24 Update

Thank you Donna for these pictures. As you can see the floor has been poured for the front section and they are also working on the dog kennel drains. Can't wait to come home and see all the work that has been done.

Monday, May 22, 2006

May 22

They finished the first layer of asphalt today. The parking lots look great.
They are also very busy getting the final touches done for the floor pour on Wednesday. You'll see some black pipes in one the of the photos. There is no water line by the shelter and it wasn't feasible to have a well as it would have required a storage tank for the sprinkler system. So, we have to put in a few hundred feet of water line which should be in within the next week or two.

I'll be writing again when I come back from CA, unless Donna sends me some photos this week so I can upload them to the blog.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

May 19

Sorry for the delay in posting to the blog, but the weather has caused a delay in some of the work. The plumbers are still working on the drains and should have most of it done by Tuesday except for the tubing for the radiant heat in the dog room and the dog kennel drains. The floor will be poured in two steps, the first section should be poured on Wednesday. Once the dog adoption and dog stray holding plumbing is completed the floor for that section will be poured; and that maybe 2 weeks away.

The first layer of asphalt for the parking lots should be down sometime this week and then the final layer will be done after the construction is completed.

I'm going away for a week and it's going to be hard not to think about all the progress I'm going to miss. I'll be stopping by on Monday before I leave to see how things are going and will post again if I have more news. Otherwise you won't hear from me until the first of June..

Thursday, May 11, 2006

May 10

The plumbers have indeed started installing the drains. They are just a little bit behind schedule due to the rain. Within the next few weeks they should have the drains completed for the dog runs and also the radiant heat coils for the inside dog kennels. It looks like the first pour for the floor with be toward the end of the month.

All of the foundation walls have been poured, you can really see the footprint
of the building. It's very exciting!

The young man volunteering to clear out some of the brush in front of the pond did a very nice job. He didn't get as much done due tot he bad weather last week, but he did quite a bit. I think some time in July of August we will be making a call for volunteers to help us clear out the rest of the brush and taking out the rubbish that has been dumped on the property.

May 9 Update

The final boards for the foundation walls have been set up and going to be poured later today. The plumbers should be here tomorrow to start the drains for the dog area. In the dog adoption and stray holding there almost 30 drains! They will be busy for awhile..

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

May 3

The rain sure has slowed things down. But, that is OK as we really need the rain. I took a few shots of the area around the pond that is being cleared. It's looking good. I plan to take some more shots tomorrow after they take the boards off the left side foundation wall. The plumber was there today getting the supplies packed away in their storage unit, they should get going on the drains tomorrow.